This Body

"This Body" is a salute to the human figure and all its glory. It is true that nudity in this modern age is not something profoundly new for all of us. Images of bare chested men and hyper-sexualized women can easily be found within the first few pages of any magazine. But what message does this send? Our bodies are not sexual objects, but by portrayal on a massive scale, it slowly has become that. In reality, the human form is built like an architectural masterpiece. By overlaying images from Frances Benjamin Johnston’s "Carnegie Survey of the Architecture of the South" over different portions of the body, I strive to capture precisely what the human form is; a structure in itself. Buildings playfully contour to the skin in an effort to challenge the mind to think beyond what we see. The way we admire a beautifully designed edifice is how we should see ourselves, as a strong exemplary construction.

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